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Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Viva He Hong Shan, Jeremy Jones Xu Zheng Xi, Cao Xi Wen

Legend of The Phoenix


China, 2019

Same day as China

Historical Fiction, War, Action, Suspense 

Princess Silver


China, 2019

Same day as China

Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Costume, Suspense 

Aarif Rahman Lee Chi Ting, Sophie Zhang Xue Ying, Ashin Shu

Fleet of Time

Thailand, 2019

Same day as Thailand

Romance, Idol 

Bank Thiti Mahayotaruk, Pattie Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha, Best Nathasit Kotimanuswanich, Victor Chatchawit Techarukpong, Jomjam Suphitcha Subannaphong



Japan, 2018

Full Episodes

Medical, Comedy, Crime, Suspense

Ishihara Satomi, Iura Arata, Kubota Masataka, Ichikawa Mikako, Ryusei Ryo

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Full 14 episodes

In Singapore, Guo Hao Sen who has never been involved in his family’s business since his parents’ divorce finds his fortune returns overnight when his father suffers a stroke and his brother died in an accident.
Promising to learn quickly, Hao Sen takes over the management of T Bank’s branch in Singapore. 

Little does he know that his third uncle, Guo Lian Feng, and elder brother, Guo Yao Sen, have been secretly feuding with each other. Being inexperienced and earnest, Hao Sen is at a loss and finds himself caught in the power struggle, as well as his uncle’s manipulations.

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My Secret, Terrius


Korea, 2018

Full Episodes

Romance, Action, Family 

So Ji Sub, Jung In Sun, Son Ho Jun 

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At the same time in Taiwan, Lu Di, a highly intelligent and brilliant man forges his own degree for unwanted reasons. Later at T Bank, Lu Di’s supervisor, Linda, finds out about his forged degree and uses it to blackmail him into assisting with the illegal approval of credits. Just as Lu Di is feeling frightened and anxious, his hacker friend from England, Justin, contacts him to code a programme that could make ATMs dispense cash automatically.

He experiments with one of the ATM machines with his programme and is successful in dispensing a small amount of money. Little does he know that is now involved in a transnational criminal case whereby NT$80 million has been illegally withdrawn from ATMs in different parts of Taipei…

...and more

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Tang Wei, Qiao Zhen Yu, Deng Jia Jia, Zhu Ya Wen, Lay Zhang Yi Xin, Yu Hao Ming

Ming Dynasty

China (2019)

Historical Fiction, War, Action, Suspense 

Simulcast Everyday

Project S The Series - Skate Our Souls

Thailand (2019)

Full Episodes

Sports, Idol 

Thiti Mahayotaruk(Bank), Thanapob Leeratanakachorn(Tor), Wongravee Nateetorn(Sky)

My Love From Another Star

Thailand (2019)

16 Episodes


Barry Nadech Kugimiya, Matt Peeranee Kongthai, Eye Kamolned Ruengsri, Masu Junyangdikul

Sky Castle

Korea (2019)

Full Episodes

Family, Crime, Suspense 

Yum Jung Ah, Lee Tae Ran, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Na Ra, Kim Seo Hyung 

Aruna 2019

Thailand (2019)

Full Episodes

Romance, Family, Cosmopolitan

Namthip Jongrachatawiboon, Chanokwanun Rakcheep, Organ Rasee Wacharapolmek